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Terms of Reference


The Greyhound Supporters of the National Capital Region (GSNCR) is a not-for-profit group of women and men who live in the general geographic area of the National Capital Region (Canada), who have adopted the retired racing Greyhound, and who are interested in their welfare after life at the racing track. 

The Greyhound Supporters of the NCR is interested in supporting individuals and groups that work for the betterment of greyhounds in Canada and around the world. 


The purpose of this group is to:

  1. Facilitate the adoption of retired racing greyhounds into loving homes and provide on-going support to the local greyhound community.

  2. Raise funds for, and/or participate in, greyhound-related causes that have been established to improve the health and physical well being of the retired racing greyhound globally.  (Examples of these types of causes are canine cancer studies (Morris Animal Foundation), tick-borne disease research, specific initiatives within the greyhound community such as greyhound (galgos) rescue in Spain, adoption groups such as Northern Greyhound Adoptions (NGA), as well as adoption groups that have been devastated as a result of natural disasters, etc.)

  3. Raise public awareness of retired racing greyhounds as pets and of the status of greyhounds around the world.  This may include assuming an advocacy role for certain initiatives. 

To facilitate these objectives, fundraising and information events will be established on an ongoing basis.  Individual fundraising or information events may have separate Terms of Reference and ad hoc members that may join the Committee in support of these specific events.

  • It should be noted that on occasion, the Greyhound Supporters of the NCR might decide to support an animal-related organization rather than a greyhound-only organization. Examples of this are the work done by Noah’s Wish which is a not-for-profit, animal welfare organization that exists to keep animals alive during disasters, such as after Hurricane Katrina. 


The Group will meet on an “as required” basis, as determined by the Chair and the members.  Meeting dates, agendas (and minutes) will be drafted and distributed by the Chair prior to meetings. E-mail will be the method used to share and disseminate information to the Committee members.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Chairman will call meetings, chair meetings, set agendas, and provide access to documents, etc. for input and comment. The Chairman will also act as a financial accounts signatory.

Associate Chairman
The Associate Chairman’s role is to support the Chairman by assisting with the development of agendas, following-up on “to do” items, etc. The Associate Chairman will also act as a financial account signatory.

The Treasurer will maintain the financial accounts of this Group and will provide status reports of all accounts on an on-going basis. The Treasurer will also act as a financial accounts signatory.

The Secretary will keep Records of Decisions, follow-up on “To do” items, and distribute documents as required.

Adoption Coordinator
The Adoption Coordinator is responsible for reviewing and processing all adoption and foster program applications, and managing the adoption process including the provision of post-adoptive support.

Meet and Greet Coordinator
The Meet and Greet Coordinator’s role is to organize all meet and greet events, including making contact with prospective venues and scheduling volunteers for events.

Fund Raising Coordinator
The Fund Raising Coordinator is responsible for organizing fund raising initiatives, such as online raffles and auctions as well as obtaining donations for use at raffles, etc.

Other positions may be established over the course of time, and as needed.

Permanent members will:

  1. Contribute to meeting discussions and vote when decisions are required.

  2. Assist with the organization of fund raising and information initiatives, public awareness events, and the on-site management of these undertakings.

  3. Represent the Committee at events/initiatives that are not the sole responsibility of the Greyhound Supporters of the NCR (GSNCR), but in which the GSNCR is participating.

Ad hoc members may:

  1. Contribute to meeting discussions.

  2. Assist with the organization of fund raising and information initiatives, public awareness events, and the on-site management of these undertakings.

The current 2011 Board of Directors are:

Laura Simmermon
Brandy Mallinson
Donna Deskin
Jackie Genaille
Janet Shaffer
Jen Cormier
Matthew Simmermon-Gomes
Mel Begin
Ruth Fox
Scott Armstrong
Tina Kelly
Wendy Post
Chris Kasurak
Winston Gomes


GSNCR • 3 Sage Crescent • Ottawa, ON K2J 1Z7 • phone: 613-216-8097 • Cell: 613-291-9025

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