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Current Membership of the GS-NCR

Committee members who hold voting privileges:

Laura Simmermon (Chair)
Janet Shaffer (Associate Chair)
Ruth Fox (Secretary)
Jennifer Alexander
Melanie Bégin
Marie Benak
Donna Deskin
Jayne Field
Michelle Frost
Char Harding
Lisa Kemp
Brandy Mallinson
Holly McManus
Colombe Sauvageau

Matthew Simmermon-Gomes
Tina Kelly-Sellka
Wendy Siurna
Winston Gomes (Web)

Current Mailing Address

3 Sage Crescent
Ottawa (Nepean), Ontario
K2J 1Z7


Current Telephone Contact



About This Site

GS-NCR support greyhound-related causes that have either been proven or have been established to improve the health, longevity and physical well being of the retired racing greyhound locally, nationally and internationally.  The Site is designed to provide information on the activities of the Greyhound Supporters that may be of interest to to Greyhound adopters..  



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GSNCR • 3 Sage Crescent • Ottawa, ON K2J 1Z7 • phone: 613-823-6500 • Cell: 613-291-9025

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