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Galgos Corner


Galgos Corner

SOS Galgos was established in 2000 in Barcelona, Spain and their mandate is twofold.  Their primary focus is to protect the health and safety of greyhounds racing at Spain's only remaining racetrack, the Meridiana in Barcelona. SOS Galgos also works to defend the native galgos that are over bred, abandoned, and inhumanely destroyed every year by hunters that breed and use them for hare coursing.

SOS Galgos also runs an adoption program, but they are focusing their efforts at the legislative and educational levels in an attempt to deal with the root of the problem -- a lack of control over the breeding of galgos and law enforcement. They work at raising public awareness among the Spanish so as to selectively place retired track greyhounds and galgos no longer used for hunting, in loving homes as pets. 

Help us help SOS Galgos.  The Greyhound Supporters of the NCR are collecting gently used collars, leashes and coats that will be sent to SOS Galgos.  If you have any that you could donate to this very worthy cause, please contact Laura Simmermon at 613-216-8097 or via email.


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