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Find-A-Greyhound" is a two-pronged approach for responding to instances of greyhounds becoming lost or missing in the general geographic region of the National Capital Region, ensuring their safe retrieval and return to their homes.

In the Event of a Lost Greyhound – Find-A-Greyhound Search Team

The role of the "Find-A-Greyhound" Search Team is to respond to reports of lost greyhounds, working in tandem with the family of the greyhound. This will facilitate a concerted approach to finding, retrieving and returning lost hounds to their families. The Find-A-Grey search team will ensure that posters are generated and mounted in the area of the lost hound; contact local veterinary clinics and animal rescue groups; and physically search for any lost greyhound in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

If your greyhound is lost – call 613-216-8097 or 613-291-9025.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

1.     What was the physical and geographical location of the hound when it became lost?
     Is this a location that the hound knows, and is there a regular path that you follow with your hound on walks that it might try to follow?

2.     How long ago did it become lost?

3.     What is it wearing, i.e. what collar is its collar, is it wearing a bandana or a coat?

4.     Does it have a favourite treat that it might respond to?

5.     Do you have a regular call or pet name that it usually responds to?

Greyhound Registration

The more information that is available to “Find-A-Grey” when a hound has become lost – the better prepared the Search Teams will be. Having this information in advance of the hound being lost ensures that the information is available as quickly as possible – without having to obtain the information from the family that is frantically trying to find their lost hound. This is also extremely important in the event of a hound that becomes lost while being hound-sat. 

Adoptive parents who wish to participate are urged to first read the Registration Information page, then to complete a Registration form.  The information provided will be kept as part of a database, and be available as soon as a call is received of a missing or lost greyhound.  At that time, a designated Search Team member will access the web site and print a "lost poster" flyer.  These posters will be strategically placed around the neighbourhood for the widest possible coverage. 

If a greyhound is found before its loss has been reported, this information will facilitate the return of the hound to its family.

For more information on finding lost greyhounds, you may want to see this page.

IMPORTANT -  Register your greyhound NOW, and ensure a longer life for the "62 kilometre per hour couch potatoes".


No matter what measures a family has put in place to safeguard the health and safety of their hound, there is always a risk that a greyhound might become lost. There are some simple measures that can be implemented to help ensure the safety of your greyhound (prevent its loss), and in the safe return of a lost hound to its family.

1.     Ensure that your greyhound has a name tag with at least one telephone number.  If you travel on a regular basis, consider including either your cell phone number or the number of an emergency contact. 

a.     Don’t hesitate to use the telephone number of the Greyhound Supporters as an alternate number. It is 613-216-8097.

2.     Use a tag collar in conjunction with the regular martingale collar or harness. Greyhounds have been known to slip both martingale collars and harnesses. If its tags are attached to these, then the tags don’t remain on the hound. There are lots of different types of tag collars available that remain on your hound at all times. Tag collars are not meant to restrain the hound – their function is to hold all relevant tags.

3.     If you are hound-sitting – attach a tag that is different from the hound’s other tags with your name and telephone number on it. A large plastic key tag can be easily attached to the tag collar of visiting hounds. More than one hound has become separated from its “sitter” within the Ottawa area, and its safe return to the sitter was complicated because phone calls were being made to the absent family and not the sitter.

4.     If you are leaving your greyhound with a family member or friend during your absence, please provide them with the contact information of  a greyhound-savy person or the Greyhound Supporters and instructions on what to do in the event that your hound becomes lost during your absence.

5.     Winter freeze and spring thaw can cause fences to shift. Ensure that you inspect your yard on a regular basis to ensure that gates are closed and that gaps in the fence are addressed.


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