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The Greyhound, one of the most ancient of breeds, has had a remarkably colourful history, starting with its role as a supreme hunting dog, its changing role as a coursing dog, to its current status as track racing dog, show dog and loving companion. The Greyhound is possibly the forerunner of a breed of canines belonging to the "sight-hound" family, and is undoubtedly the best known of the breed.

The greyhound adoption movement in North America has burgeoned in the last decade, and adoption groups have also been established in Britain, Australia, Ireland, Norway and Spain.  This International Greyhound Planet Day commemoration began as the idea of a Kansas City greyhound adopter, Therese Skinner.  The idea has found a home with the American-European Greyhound Alliance (  Greyhound International Planet Day is being celebrated by greyhound advocates the world over, with events being sponsored across the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Norway and Australia. 

Greyhound Planet is a time chosen each year to honour the Greyhound and its relatives (Galgos, lurchers, etc.) throughout the world. The purpose of this international event is to raise the public's awareness of the wonder and magic of Greyhounds as pets, educate others on the current status of Greyhounds around the world and to honour those Greyhounds who have left us too soon. The American-European Greyhound Alliance is serving as an information source for individual groups around the world as they plan their Greyhound awareness events.

Please join the Greyhound Supporters in celebration and remembrance of our wonderful hounds during our third annual Greyhound Planet event which will be celebrated in the National Capital Region (Canada) on Saturday, 30 October 2010.  To read about previous celebrations, please see the links in the side bar.

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