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A Story Worth Telling

2008 International Greyhound Planet Day Report
Saturday November 1st, 2009
Christ Cathedral Church Hall
420 Sparks Street

Did you celebrate International Greyhound Planet Day this year?  The Greyhound Supporters of the National Capital Region certainly did, and thanks to all who attended, we did it with gusto.  Celebrated this year on 14 November 2009, this was a day to honour greyhounds and their relatives, and to raise the public's awareness of retired racing greyhounds as pets.   To do so, a variety of activities were offered to both human and canine attendees alike. 

 Upon arrival at Christ Church Cathedral Hall, the early birds were greeted by the Rogers Community Cruiser, who generously supplied coffee and Timbits.   Those of us missing a beloved pet who has passed on were able to lit a candle and write a memorial note at the Rainbow Bridge Memorial.  A number of information boards were also on display, informing readers on a variety of subjects, including information about greyhounds and their relatives, canine cancer and tick borne disease research,  aging in dogs, how to register for Find-A-Grey, and much more.  And all this before even entering the main hall.

Once inside, you were invited to cast your vote for your favourite pet picture.  Our congratulations to Orion the dog, and ShunYu the cat, the lucky winners of a gift bag of goodies for each of them to enjoy.  You were then free to roam the numerous vendor tables, overflowing with a variety of wares for both people and pets.  Vendors included Casual Bling, Chilly Dogs, Exceptionally Gifted, House of Earl, Hounds-R-Us, Critter Cozies, Caliloka's Creations, Eternal Companions, Kasco's Collars, Mudd Mitts, Cado, Avon, and the League of Extraordinary Greyhounds.  The dogs, however, were more interested in the massages offered by Canine Touch and Tell and the services of the Paw Spa.  Those who were feeling lucky took their chances in one - or both - of the raffles.  If you had access to a bigger dog, whether your own or borrowed, you got more bang for your buck as $20 got you raffle tickets measuring from nose to tail.  Even dogs had a chance of winning.  Again, our congratulations to the winners of the various contests, such as longest ears, longest tail, and biggest chest.  They too got to enjoy a bag of treats, generously donated by the Pawstry Chef. 

 A blessing of the hounds offered a well earned break from shopping in the afternoon.   The bake sale also offered an excuse to take a break and indulge in something chocolaty.  This bake sale even offered home made dog cookies to tempt the puppies.  For those with less of a sweet tooth, the kitchen offered hot dogs and cold drinks for those looking for sustenance to keep them going.  A member of the Life Stream Animal Blood Bank was also on hand to inform dog owners of the opportunity to save lives by signing their dogs up with this very valuable program. 

 All and all, it was a fun filled day of puppies, prizes and purchases.  The Greyhound Supporters would like to thank all those whose generous support made this Greyhound Planet Day a big success.  Funds raised this year will be used to support the Greyhound Supporters efforts to find forever homes for greyhounds locally.  See you again next year!!!


A Few of the Many Photos Taken at the 2009 Planet Day Festivities

 Pasting photos on the contest board.
Collars in colours galore.
The League of Extraordinary Greyhounds.

Where are the greyhound folks?

Treasures to be found.

Save a life; give blood

He is in great shape.

Patterns for the discerning greyhound.

Healing by touch.
A discriminating purchase.
But we just arrived.
Looking for the right collar.
Remembering those that have passed on.

Thank you ROGERS, for the coffee.

Where is the action...?

A young visitor with a brave heart.

A good year for buying.

Move over TOYS...

Where are the rabbits....?
A Greyt Christmas to all, and to all.....

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