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2008 International Greyhound Planet Day Report
Saturday November 1st, 2008
Christ Cathedral Church Hall
420 Sparks Street

Any family canine that visited the 2008 International Greyhound Planet Day was definitely barking up the right tree! The gates opened at 10:00 with a bang as Reverend Dawna Wall satisfied the needs for their souls with a heartfelt prayer and blessing during the “Blessing of the Hounds and Bless of the Rainbow Bridge Memorial”,  All vendors and information booths started to serve the public immediately afterwards a stream of people and dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes flooded into the hall. The turnout was great and the initial goal to raise the public's awareness of the benefits of adopting a retired greyhound was most definitely met.

As you entered hall, you were greeted by friendly volunteers and a wealth of knowledge in the form of poster boards about the plight of greyhounds and greyhound relatives. There was also a touching memorial dedicated to those of our pets who are gone but not forgotten. Through the main doors you were unleashed to roam free amongst nearly two dozen vendors who were offering everything from canine massage to creative dog jewellery and painting your companion’s nails. There was a wide selection of greyhound related art, as well as home décor for the two-legged visitors of Greyhound Planet Day.

Everyone who participated in the doggy contests and raffles had fun, and the lucky winners all went home with great prizes. It was a close call with the photo contest, but in the end Noelle the beagle-whippet in the tulips and Skyler the domestic shorthair in the cherry tree garnered the most votes.

Lunch was a huge success with chips, grilled hot dogs, and soft drinks. For those who had a sweet tooth, the wide selection of “Treats for Peeps” was a delicious indulgence. Once people had satisfied the needs of their body.

Later in the afternoon, Dr. Wade Wright shared his knowledge on the greyhound. He provided interesting facts and great information greyhound specific topics such as, dental health, anesthetics, hypothyroidism, and bone cancer. He was generous with his time and helpful with the many questions that followed his presentation.

Planet Day 2008 was a Greyt success, and all comers enjoyed the mix of fun, facts, and food. The popularity of the event drew crowds and vendors from the East coast up to Northern Ontario, and as the word of Planet Day continues to spread, the size of the event continues to grow. This year was no exception. As any greyhound owner knows, the breed holds a very special place in our hearts, and Planet Day was just the event to show our appreciation to the dogs and everything they do for us.

A specials thanks to all the Vendors that supported International Greyhound Panet Day 2008:

Greyhound Supporters of the NCR

League of Extraordinary Greyhounds

Casual Bling

Chilly Dogs

Exceptionally Gifted

Greyt Inspirations

House of Earl


Critter Cozies

Caliloka's Creations

Papilio Pet Memorial Centre

Heaven's Touch - Animal Reiki

Wags in Stitches

Kasco's Collars


Some Photos from Planet Day




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