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By Donna Deskin

As the saying goes “every dog has his day” and October 27th, 2007 was Ottawa’s day of the Greyhound. What other breed of dog has a day solely devoted to it, and not only that, the day is an international event?!

The aim of this event is to raise the public's awareness of the miracle and magic of Greyhounds as pets, to educate others on the current status of Greyhounds around the world and to honor those Greyhounds who have left us already. Ottawa’s Greyhound Planet Day 2007 accomplished those objectives and much, much more!

The day started with The Blessing of The Hounds and a walk led by the amazing Matthew Simmermon-Gomes. Matt is the Pied Piper of Greyhounds – he loves each and every one of them and they can sense it! They’ll follow him anywhere!

While the hounds were walking, the vendors finished their booth set ups in a frantic yet fun frenzy! And what booths to behold! From collars and cozy’s, to biscuits and bling, everywhere, everything with the theme of the hound! From beginning to end merchandise was flying off the tables as people scrambled to shop, shop, shop! Hounds were being measured for outerwear, collars were being matched to colours, bling was being bought and biscuits were being consumed!

In addition to vendors, there were Information Boards about greyhounds and many of their relatives; the Race for Adoption Program which is all about active racing greyhounds who’s winnings support greyhound adoption groups; Follow That Hound - a racing greyhound pre-adoption program; canine cancer and tick-borne diseases. The “Ask the Expert” table was hosted by experts answering questions about greyhound adoption, canine massage and general canine health. There were also canine health seminars on canine massage and canine nutrition. There was toenail clipping, toenail painting, canine massage and even a booth where the pups could try their hand, err paw at painting! Add to that loads of raffles and prizes and the day was complete!  

Amidst the hoopla, nonetheless, one was always reminded about the main focus of importance – the Greyhounds. In X-pens or on-leash, heads held proudly, these magnificently sleek dogs were everywhere to behold! Erroneously called “the supermodels of the canine world” (greyhounds are way more intelligent than supermodels) the dogs strutted their stuff, looked greyt and made every other breed of dog there (shepherds, poodles large & small, terriers, beagles and great danes) look either very plump or very small or way too tall.J  The Greyhounds’ poise and elegance in the Halloween Parade was nothing if not spectacular. Although every dog deserved a prize in the Howl-O-Ween contest, alas, there had to be but 3 winners; A Stud; a Skunk and a Spider.

Once again Ottawa’s International Greyhound Planet Day was a huge success! It keeps getting
better and better each year! One can hardly wait for the festivities in 2008!

Thanks to our sponsors

A very special thank-you to all of the incredible people and organizations that supported us and this event:
Bridgehead Coffee (Albert at Bank)
Canadian Tire (Ogilvie Road)
Casual Bling
Catherine Lane
Chien Lounge
Chilly Dogs
Critter Cozies
Exceptionally Gifted
Greyt Inspirations
Helping Hands Equine and Canine Massage
League of Extraordinary Greyhounds
Loblaws (Carlingwood Shopping Centre)
Loeb (Ogilvie Road)
Megan Kemp
Pat Swabey
Sue Harper
The House of Earl
The Pawstry Chef


Some photos from Planet Day

  Charmony from Montreal

 Vendor tables being perused by eager shoppers

 The Pawstry Chef

Boys and their toys - this boy got to pick his own

 Greyt Inspirations

From front to back - Critter Cozies, Casual Bling and Charmony

 Chien Lounge



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